Each month, the Château de Poncié team is pleased to share with you an inspiration for pairing food and wine from the Beaujolais region.

Pistachio Cervelat and pommes dauphine

Pistachio Cervelat and pommes dauphine

In April, we offer you a typical French dish, a specialty of Lyon's bouchons: a Cervelas sausage made with pork and pistachios and served with Dauphine potatoes.

This gourmet dish plays with textures. The softness and crispness of the Dauphine potatoes is subtly combined with the silky side of the Fleurie - Les Hauts du Py red wine tannin.

The sweet, spicy and floral notes of the wine add richness and character to the Cervelas sausage, which is topped with a Beaujolais sauce.

The perfect dish for entertaining friends around a lively dinner table.

Enjoy your meal 🍽️