Château de Poncié, a winery for a new era

1,000 years of history have left their mark on Château de Poncié, making it one of the most emblematic wineries in the Beaujolais region.

Here, vines thrive in a well-preserved natural environment.
The Estate is actively committed to agroforestry, viti-pastoralism, and has been entirely converted to organic farming.

Joseph Bouchard's team embodies a new generation of winemakers, bold and with a vision for the future. Pure, elegant, and racy, the wines of Château de Poncié are a reflection of the team's philosophy, and the vintners bespoke meticulous work in the vineyards.

a thousand-year-old estate in the beaujolais, fleurie
a thousand-year-old estate in the beaujolais, fleurie

1,000 years of history

Our history dates back to 949, when the Estate, already renowned for the quality of its wines, was gifted to the Abbey of Cluny. Since then, a succession of lords, counts, squires, heirs, and one of the musketeers of King Louis XV have owned Château de Poncié and its lands.
From the 18th century, the development of winegrowing took a major turn in the history of this first fiefdom in Fleurie.

In 2020, Château de Poncié was taken over by a new generation of vintners fully aware of the historical heritage they had been bequeathed. Today, Château de Poncié is an emblem of Fleurie in the Beaujolais region.

"What characterizes Château de Poncié is its lasting quality. Its ability to give time to time."

Marion, General Manager of Château de Poncié

wine estate converted to wine-pastoralism, beaujolais
wine estate converted to organic farming beaujolais

Organic farming, the engine of our ecosystem

Historical studies attest to the diversity of the Estate since its origins, as it was already composed of rolling vineyards, gardens, and groves. Today, the Estate is completely converted to organic farming and agroforestry. Our winemakers work to preserve this richness. They plant trees, hedges, fruit trees, produce their own compost, bring animals into the vineyards, or replant by using massal selections of Gamay. All of these farming methods are thus contributing to the strengthening of the Estate's current assets.

"We are fortunate to be working on a site that is exceptional for its diversity of flora and fauna, and for its incredible granite rich soils. The most beautiful mark of our journey here is to leave none. It is up to us to replant trees so that the next generations can continue to be old-fashioned winemakers.”

Josehph, Vineyard Manager of Château de Poncié

independent and committed winemakers in the Beaujolais
independent and committed winemakers in the Beaujolais

Independent and committed winemakers

More than just a winery, Château de Poncié is a true ecosystem in the hands of a new generation of winemakers. Working with respect for ancient know-how, soil specificity, period equipment and the diversified presence of flora and fauna, our team is committed to a conscientious approach to the environment.
Our priority is to promote the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint.

discover beaujolais wines and crus of chateau de poncié
premium red wine beaujolais, fleurie, les moriers

The wines and vintages of Beaujolais

At Château de Poncié, the winemaking process must preserve the typical characteristics of Beaujolais vintages without becoming a prisoner of tradition. The extraordinary diversity of some forty terroirs encourages our team to practice "haute couture” work, with a meticulous approach to each individual parcel.

Currently at Château de Poncié...

Placing in oak barrels - Beaujolais

Barrel filling is underway

Beaujolais wine and food pairing

Stuffed pumpkin, a typically seasonal dish!

oak barrels for beaujolais vinification

Vinification takes place in French oak barrels

beaujolais vinifications

Filling barrels by hand

Currently at Château de Poncié...
Currently at Château de Poncié...

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Tours & Wine Tastings

Discover : Vineyard tour & wine tasting

Discover : Vineyard tour & wine tasting

Take a guided tour to discover the thousand-year-old history of the Château de Poncié.

Treasure hunt in the vineyards

Treasure hunt in the vineyards

Stroll through the vineyards of Château de Poncié in search of a forgotten treasure.